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Weekly Weigh in 11/30/18

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This week, this week, this week. My weekly weigh in is sad this week. I’m not surprised. I didn’t eat very well and only got 2 workouts in so far, but will get another in today. Work got in the way Monday and Yesterday was my nieces birthday. Luckily I’m good for the next couple of weeks as long as my blood sugar stays normal.

My weight this week

This Week(5)

As you can see I gained again, it may just be my scale messed up this week, but I can also feel a difference. I’m bloated feeling and just feel yuck. I’m thinking it’s from eating crappy most of the week. I wasn’t horrible, but it was enough.

This is not a long post as really there’s not much to talk about. I messed up, it is what it is and now it’s time to keep going. I know I can do this, I’ve done it before. I just have to keep going.

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