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Weekly Weigh In 12/7/18

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Oh it has been a week! When we last talked on my weigh in post I had great plans of working out and being good. Those plans went down the drain about an hour after I finished the post. I had a chat with my boss and was told some things that stressed me out. I decided that hanging out with friends was more important at that time then getting my workout in. So I made plans, then I ended up having to postpone them to stay at work longer, somewhere I didn’t want to be.

Then my cat got out. If you read this blog a lot you know I have anxiety and lets say after the day I had it was not what I needed. I searched everywhere and finally, my friends came to my place to help me, only to have my brat (I say this affectionately) walk into my apartment with them. I guess he just wanted me to have friends visit.

So over the weekend I was stressed about what my boss had said, then two days ago we had another bad conversation. So I was stressed again. Now I’m sure many of you are thinking take it out on your workout. I did and it helped a bit. Then yesterday I got home and couldn’t workout due to my blood sugar being way to low. The good news is I got to eat frosting! Yes it was that low.

So this week has been very frustrating and stressful, I had a few times where I stress ate and I’m not proud of it, but it is what it is. I won’t be getting in a workout today as I have plans with friends, but hopefully I can get one in over the weekend.

The good news is I did even with all of this crazy lose a bit of weight! Hopefully this next week will bring me the same or better results.

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