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Weekly Weigh in February 2 2018


I did really well this week working out. I was a bit stressed so I splurged a bit more then I normally would, but the good news is I still lost. My weight loss has been a struggle though as I try to figure out how to balance my diabetes and my workouts.


What the fun part is about being a diabetic and trying to lose weight is that I can do an hour long workout and my blood sugar can still be 300. It sucks, because part of the reason I want to lose weight is to get off my insulin. I know though that eventually I will be able to do that, it will just take more time then I want it to.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is impatient to lose weight. I know though that I am doing it the right way. Really the only reason I gained my weight back was because I took a job that was a daily 2 hour one way drive. I ate out a lot and when I was doing that there were not as many healthy options. I tried, but it just was not happening.

Life happens, I have learned you can not control anything. Sometimes you just have to keep going. That is my takeaway this week. Just keep going, keep trying and you will do it.

How is your weight loss going?

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