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Weekly Weigh in January 19th 2018


It has been a week! I’m sure you are thinking the same thing if you are also trying to lose weight, we have made it to the end of the 3rd week of January and it’s starting to get to us right, we are seeing results, but we miss our pizza, cake and brownies, okay maybe that’s just me, I love brownies!

The truth is I actually have been eating cake during this time. What! you may be screaming at your screen, you can’t do that. Oh but yes I can and here is why. One, January is my birthday month, so I always know I’m going to splurge at least one day, my nieces birthday is the day after mine so usually it’s two days. But really you have to treat yourself a bit sometimes. This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change and you need to be able to stick to this long term, that means having some cake and getting back to eating better the next day, without thinking about it.

Weight Loss is a Lifestyle Change, not a quick fix.

That hard for some people, but I think as a society we have it in our heads we have to give 200% all the time and if we slip up its the end of the world and we may as well give up, but no, we should not! We should keep going and keep doing things to keep ourselves healthy and happy.

I’m sure, you like myself would love to lose weight quickly and drop 30 lbs in a month, but I don’t want to sacrifice my life either. Wednesday for instance I had two servings of chocolate pudding, now I will say I was also dancing around my house like a madwomen and cleaning a bit too so that day I still burned off a ton of calories.

Want to know the awesome part about letting myself splurge a bit: I still Lost Weight!


I am so happy! After getting the news that I weighed a lot more then I thought I did. I got a bit discouraged, but I kept going.  It paid off! I’d love to say I worked my butt off to lose that 5lbs, but all I did was workout for 20 minutes to 40 minutes each day.

I know I couldn’t have done it without my secret weapon Spark People. This site allows me to keep track of what I eat based on what I do each day. It hooks up to my fitbit so that I now how many calories I can take in and still lose weight.  All I do is input my food and they track it all for me.

How are you doing on your weight loss goals?

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