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Weekly Weigh In November 9th 2018

This week I have started to feel better. I had to go out and get longer lasting insulin to bring down my blood sugar and it is working. The down side is that I’m hungry all of the time and I have a couple of time had to eat so I could do my workout.

The good news is that I have gotten a workout it 2 days this week. I will be working out the next three days as well. I usually like to take weekends off, but I want to get my 5 days in. Tuesday I had to go vote and that took a few hours as I had to drive to my old home to do it. Yesterday I decided that cleaning my apartment was a bit more important. It really was, I hadn’t done dishes in a couple of days and I now have 3 bags of trash to go out. Moving and unpacking is such a mess!

This coming week though I need to start working on what I’m eating. I don’t make much and after losing my job last year I am still trying to catch up on bills, but I know I have to start doing something for my health. So this weekend I will start creating meal plans and shopping for healthy food the cheapest way I can.

The good news is I did something right, maybe I lost a little from last week, but I’m ready to start seeing better results now and with my blood sugar getting better it’s time. Look out for some healthy recipe ideas coming this this amazing blog!

This weeks weigh in

I did gain last week when I didn’t post. Life got in my way and I completely forgot until yesterday. So My weight loss is really a gain from two weeks ago, but that is because of my insulin. I always gain weight on insulin. (aka I’m not letting it get me down!)


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