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Where can you find love this Valentines Day


It’s February and we all know that in just a few days people all over are going to be hoping that they can still find a date for valentines day. You may be thinking to look at an app on your phone to see who is available, but don’t forget to hop on your computer and check a few websites out. Maybe the person you are really looking for has way to many people swiping right and your getting lost in the crazy amounts of people they have to deal with. Honestly I have found out recently, that most men swipe right on everyone. Really guys, I get you want sex, but your really just pissing us all off.

That said. If your like me you are probably looking for something more then just naughty dating, you want to spend time with someone, be near someone and hopefully spend the rest of your life with someone. Now there is nothing wrong with just wanting a hookup, but I think this time of year most of us are really looking for something more. The phone apps can work, but really you know when someone takes a minute to get online and really make up a good profile, you know they are serious.

Personally I have decided that I really am tired of the men in my state, yes I said state. I’m really considering moving away from where I live and may even out of the country, well if I either met the right man or found the right job I would. Why shouldn’t I take a look at Yorkshire singles, I really wouldn’t mind moving to England. I do have a small obsession with English history, on that theme I could also check out Guernsey singles. I’m really starting to think it may be me and men in the USA. Yes I may be crazy, I know there are good men here, they just don’t want me!

I’m sure men think the same thing I am sometimes, that there are no good women out there. Maybe you could make a leap with me and search single women in Leicestershire. I mean really at this point what do you have to lose? I will admit for me I just have a think for a British, Irish or Scottish accent. I really sometimes think I was born in the wrong country, maybe I should do a search for Hampshire dating site and make the big move!. Though maybe I wouldn’t love those accents so much if I heard them all of the time.

I want to know are you or someone you know looking for love this valentines day? I planned on trying to find a date, but for me it’s not possible this year. I will be moving next week so I don’t have time to be looking for love. I always say maybe next year it will happen. The thing is I have never had a date for valentines day. I’ll be honest though, I’m okay with it, but I still do have some hope for next year.

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