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Why Canada is the Perfect Winter Getaway

As a Michigander (I’m from Michigan) Canada is right in my backyard. I have not been there in years, but I have fond memories of my few visits there as a child and teen. It’s a fun and unique place to visit and one day I hope to return.

If you want a quick getaway before the end of the year, why not look at Canada? It is not too far, just to the north, and has some amazing places to visit when it is cold. Some of them are like picture-postcards or scenes from fairy tales. Others are full of excitement with lots of things to do.

Whistler, British Columbia

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This is a great place to ski all day and then party in the village in the evenings.  At the base of the twin ski hills, there is an Alpine village built in European style just for pedestrians. Whistler is just a two drive north of Vancouver and is the perfect place to unwind.

Ottawa, Ontario

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The Rideau Canal in Ottawa freezes over in the winter and becomes a five-mile-long skating rink that is well worth the travel time. There are also cross-country skiing trails around the city and snowshoeing in Gatineau Park. Best of it is, all these activities are free. You can warm up afterward by visiting the farmers market, which includes some of the most inventive restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs.


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In the winter months, Alberta becomes a place full of adventures in the snow. Waterfalls freeze, lakes turn to ice and the mountains are as though they have a white blanket over them. You can go ice walking through Maligne Canyon, ice-skating on the frozen Lake Louise, or try snow tubing on Mount Norquay. What’s more, Alberta Beach accommodations are plentiful and varied, so you are bound to find something that suits you. It really is a very versatile place to visit.

Near Whitehorse, Yukon

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You can go dog sledding or fat biking in the snow in this area in the day. At Night you can watch the aurora borealis lights dancing in the sky. There are relaxing lodges for after your days fun, as with taking part in high-octane sports such as these you will need to sit back for a while.

Quebec City, Quebec

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Outside of Europe, this is one of the most Christmassy Old World settings you will find. Promoted as a Christmas Carol like vacation village, the cobblestone streets in this 400-year-old part of the city are filled with market stalls and shops offering hand-painted toys, delicate ornaments, and locally made cheeses to enjoy with mulled wines.

Near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

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Seeing the aurora borealis shimmering and dancing in a dark sky is an experience not to be missed. In the Northwest Territories, you can see them for 240 nights of each year, and the Aurora village exists to watch this natural beauty unfold. You stay in tepees outside of the city lights. They are furnished with comfy sofas intended just for you to sit back and enjoy the lights. In the daytime, you can go ice fishing or wander into town for some shopping.

Other Canadian Hotspots In Winter

These are not the only places that make Canada a perfect location for a winter break. You could go skiing in Saskatoon or take part in mummering in St. John’s. This involves locals dressed up as mummies, using disguised voices, and you have to try to guess who they are. It is a really party-like atmosphere, and fun is had by all.

Canada is a big country though, and there is no doubt many other locations that are fun to visit in winter, and the rest of the year. What location would you like to visit.

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