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Xfinity Blast Package Review

About a week ago we installed our Xfinity blast from Comcast and I have to say I’m not very impressed. Yes we get a good internet speed, but since we have to have everything wireless we don’t get the speed we pay for.

The channel line up sucks and what I hate about this is that you can’t add a higher channel package to the blast internet. I would be very willing to pay $10-$15 more to add the 40+ channels. You can however add the movie channels to your package.


Here are the channels you get as of Jan 2014

Cartoon Network
Comedy Central    
Spike TV      
USA Network 
Fox News Channel 
The Weather Channel
Food Network    
Animal Planet
TV Guide Network
Discovery Channel 
Comcast Network 100 
CSPAN 2  News & Info  
Cable Marketplace 1
Cable Marketplace 3
Jewelry Television    
Music Choice  Music 

It’s not too bad, but as an interior design major, even if I’m not using it. I really want HGTV and it would be nice to have TNT. Really I would love to see just a few more tv options and less music.

Price wise it’s not bad, but I’ll be honest since I use wireless I don’t get the speed they say I get, so I’m thinking I may once I get into my new job switch to something with more TV and less internet, it’s just not worth it since I won’t be on the internet as much.

2 thoughts on “Xfinity Blast Package Review

  1. I don’t use Xfinity and I agree with you the channel line up does leave a lot to be desired. Thank you for sharing this review.

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